Friday, October 3, 2008

Tao e gestão de empresas

Taoists act with their sages intuitive, spontaneous and harmonized with their environment. Lao-tsu taught us that, if we match perfectly with the nature through "non-action" , there would be nothing impossible to accomplish. Viewing Tao as a continuous reaction between the two opposite energies, they tended to be optimistic in adversity and be prudent in prosperity. To carry out something, they begin with the opposite: " Expand before contraction, enforce to weaken, exalt to eliminate, give to take, etc." If you want to push something forward, there would be always a lot of hurdles. All the reactions would try to prevent you from realizing your objectives. If you pull it instead, there would be the opposite reactions. The power is usually shorter-term but even stronger. When the power gets ready to launch by itself, all you have to do is just let it go. It will go alone in your direction, and you will see your objective accomplished. If it is hard to understand, imagine "archery". To let an arrow to go forward in the right direction, you pull it instead of throwing it. Don' t pull too strong nor too weak. Release it when your influence disappears. 
Yeah! That' s it. It' s the spirit of non-action.

Non-action as well as making a detour for access are the key principles in any aspects of Japanese culture, arts, Aikido, Judo, Karate, and management.


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